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About Us  

PATEX Research and Consulting Ltd. provides the in-depth, expert PATSCAN patent and trademark searches formerly offered at the University of British Columbia. A Western Canadian leader in the provision of technology transfer information services in the intellectual property area, PATSCAN also hosts workshops and seminars on intellectual property management, competitive intelligence and patent searching.

PATEX Research and Consulting Ltd. is owned and operated by Ron Simmer.


PATSCAN uses powerful databases for quick but thorough answers to your intellectual property questions. The results are delivered by FAX, courier, or to your e-mail account anywhere in the world within a week. Our prices are very competitive, quoted in Canadian dollars. VISA or MasterCard payment is preferred.

HOW does PATSCAN work?

We base our success on effective, professional service and the use of the best commercial databases. Given the vagaries of patent documentation, PATEX's patent searches are best efforts conducted within the scope of our clients' directions as to subject matter and patent issuing jurisdictions.

WHAT do we search?

Our experienced searchers provide patentability, state of the art and infringement searches. We can also find new technologies, hybrid innovations, unusual applications and engineering solutions covering the areas of biotechnology, chemistry, mechanics, electronics, optics and computer technology. We undertake research and analysis projects relating to patents, technology trends and competitive intelligence. PATEX's trademark searches cover Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and most of Europe.


Our list of satisfied clients provides a small sample of the many entrepreneurs, engineers, lawyers, patent agents, consultants and analysts who depend on PATEX services.

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Last Updated: January 6, 2008