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From the Mind to the Marketplace

The Story of an Inventor, the Home Improvement Industry, His Wife, and Her Lovers (Book Review)

In a book as unique as her approach to business, Jayne Seagrave tells all about leveraging a few inventions into a very successful home based business - The Vancouver Tool Corporation , - Canada's largest manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom renovation tools. Established in 1996, Vancouver Tool Corporation specializes in unique, patented tools for every caulking need.

In Only 141 pages long but bursting with information , this is Jayne provides a "self-help" guide for the struggling entrepreneur , who is bent on launching his own consumer product. The book is full of funny anecdotes describing how Jayne and her husband Andrew launched their business on a shoestring and built their sales up , inch by inch. Every chapter ends with "Advice to the Inventor" - a list of do's and don'ts covering all aspects of introducing a new product to the marketplace.

Seagrave She hammers home her message about the importance of marketing and early sales to a new enterprise. Jayne She admits that she and Andrew admit they made plenty of mistakes along the way, and they share s their experiences of hair-tearing frustrations , and tell s us what they learned from their trials and setbacks. She also pulls few punches in naming people and institutions which were they found useless or helpful.

She There are also fascinating provides mini-lessons o i n marketing to Europe and the United States , and provides a view of excellent descriptions of how media advertising works in various places locations . Jayne devotes her last chapter to on exit strategies - how to profitably sell or license your business , so that you can walk away from it to a golden retirement.

Finally, Jayne provides a This work provides a uniquely Canadian perspective on universal problems and solutions of the small business owner. Without doubt, "From the Mind to the Marketplace" is a must - read for a ny Canadian entrepreneur new to the world of inventing and product development.

Publishing information: Heritage House Publishing, $14.95 CDN.



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Last Updated: January 6, 2008