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Types of Searches

Outline of Outputs and Costs

Prices and parameters for various searches are listed below. Feel free to phone for estimates on any searches needed. All searches are delivered by bonded courier with a covering letter reporting the results of the research, indicating relevance of enclosed patents. Costs are in Canadian dollars. Confidentiality guaranteed.

Patent Searches

1. Patentability Searches
These searches intended to provide a general overview of the art for a particular invention, conducted prior to filing a patent application to assess the novelty of an invention.  

2. Infringement Searches
These searches determine if any unexpired patents would bar the manufacture, use, or sale of a specific product, process or service.

3. Freedom to Operate Searches
These searches addresses both infringement and patentability concerns.

4. Validity searches
These searches establish the enforceability of an issued patent for an infringement defense or to thoroughly inspect a patent before assignment or license.

5. State of the Art Searches
These searches provide an overview of a technology area.

6. Licensing Searches
These searches locate companies that will take a license to a client's IP either under duress or under the belief that the technology will be a valuable addition to their own (i.e. carrot vs stick).

7. Patent Family/Status/Assignee Searches
These searches are performed to discover the equivalents of a patent internationally (that is the patent family) and to review the status of these patents within the patent family.

8. Chemical Structure/Reaction Searches
These searches are accomplished on the Chemical Abstracts (CAS) databases. Searching structures involves creating a graphic structure to identify an exact match or similar structures.

9. Accelerated Examination Searches
These seaches fulfill the requirements of the USPTO procedures for Accelerated Examination of patent applications. Under these procedures, the USPTO will endeavor to deliver a final decision on a patent case within 12 months of the filing date if an applicant submits an examination support document containing a detailed search report.

10. Competitive Technical Intelligence Searches
PATEX researchers often use the Delphion search service as a starting point to generate graphic representations of patent data in the PatentLab utility provided by Wisdomain.



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Last Updated: March 2, 2010