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Patent Search for Inventors

Are you an inventor?

Is it time to make your dream real? You’re an inventor, and you have an idea. But what if someone else thought of it first? Don’t waste your time and money – you won’t be awarded a patent unless your idea is unique to the world, or “novel”.

Patentability Search

Novelty Search, Prior Art Search, Pre-examination Search for Inventors

Your first step is a professional Patex Patentability Search. We’ll create a detailed patent search report and provide full copies of patents related to the novelty of your invention. If your Patex Patentability Search report shows that your idea is novel, you may use it to start filing your patent with a Canadian Registered Patent Agent or US Patent Attorney.

You can trust Patex with your invention. We sign non-disclosure agreements to protect the property rights and confidentiality of all our clients.

  • US patentability searches $500-$550
  • US and Canada Patentability searches: $600-$650
  • International patentability searches: $700 and up.