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Patent Searching Services


PATEX Search Services

PATSCAN provides a search report documenting findings, plus full digital copies of all referenced patent documents.
We strive to be a paperless service.

Search offerings are collected below according to client needs. Feel free to phone for estimates on any searches needed.
All searches are delivered electronically with a covering letter reporting the results of the
research, indicating relevance of enclosed patents. Costs are in Canadian dollars.
Confidentiality guaranteed.

Legal Professionals

Legal & Technology Transfer Professionals

Canadian patent professionals trust PATEX to provide professional patent search services.
Our experience in preparing research for patent litigation, licencing, patentability, and other needs has helped us be a top choice for legal and technology transfer professionals for over 20 years.



Are you an Inventor?
See below for some links to information on services for Inventors who want a professional PATEX patent search.



Businesses and business owners trust PATEX for their patent search needs. PATEX’s searches cover Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as major European and Asian countries.