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Searches for Entrepreneurs

Businesses and business owners trust PATEX for their patent search needs. Using the best commercial patent databases, PATEX’s searches cover Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as major European and Asian countries.


Patentability Search

Novelty Search, Prior Art Search,
Pre-examination Search

Has your company developed a unique technology? Don’t waste your time and money on the patent process until you have confidence your application will succeed.

Start with a professional PATEX Patentability Search. We’ll create a detailed patent search report and provide full copies of patents related to the novel aspects of your invention.

This report will show if your company’s idea is new and novel enough to get a patent, or help your R&D team to identify ways to refine the idea into a patentable invention.

You can trust PATEX with your company’s invention. We sign non-disclosure agreements to protect the property rights and confidentiality of all our clients.

  • US patentability searches: $550 and up.
  • US and Canada Patentability searches: $600 and up.
  • International patentability searches: $700 and up.

PATEX will provide quotes for special requirements.


State of the Art Search

Avoid an expensive trip down a blind alley. With a PATEX State of the Art Search, you’ll learn the common methodologies, potential new competitors, and new trends in a specific technical field. Learn about existing solutions to a given problem -so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Give your business development and product development teams the information they need to compete effectively, with a PATEX State of the Art Search.

  • Cost: $680 and up.

Freedom to Operate Search

(a.k.a. Right to Make Search, Clearance Search, Right to Use Search)

If your company is about to launch a new product, start with a PATEX Freedom to Operate Patent Search. This will indicate if your company’s product could infringe on active patents and trigger a lawsuit.

As an additional option we can provide a review of expired patents to identify relevant public domain technologies.

  • Cost: $1430 to $1870 plus computer database charges.

Licensing Search

Do you want to license new technology into your company or create a revenue stream from patents you are not using? A PATEX Licensing Search report can help you find potential licensors willing to share their technology. Or, if you own underutilized patents, let PATEX help you find companies who may be interested in licensing your patent.

  • Cost: $1250.

Patent Family Search

Do you need to know who owns a particular patent or patent family? Do you want to know where they are filed and if they are in good standing? With a PATEX Patent Family Search, you can learn vital information about the enforceability of patents.

  • Cost: Starts at $100.