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Legal & Technology Transfer Professionals


Searches for Legal and Technology Transfer Professionals

Canadian patent professionals trust PATEX to provide professional patent search services. Our experience in preparing research for patent litigation, licencing, patentability, and other needs has helped us be a top choice for legal and technology transfer professionals for over 20 years.


Patentability Search

Ron Simmer of PATEX research has been serving Canadian patent professionals for over 26 years. If you can carefully define the scope of the search, PATEX will provide a professional Patentability Search to identify the key prior art references for patent prosecution. PATEX guarantees client confidentiality.

  • US novelty searches: $550 and up.

  • US and Canada novelty: $650 and up.

  • International novelty searches: $700 and up.


State of the Art Search

Do your clients need to identify specific patent trends? Is it important for your customers to have a global view of patent filings in specific technology areas? A PATEX State of the Art Search can complement your clients’ business intelligence and help them make effective strategic decisions.

For R&D studies PATEX can provide a Collection Search to show the evolution of technologies over time periods, including both expired and active patents.

  • Cost: $800 and up.

Freedom to Operate Search

(a.k.a. Right to Make Search, Clearance Search, Right to Use Search, Justification Search)

If your client’s company is about to launch a new product, start with a PATEX Freedom to Operate Search. Discover if the product could infringe on existing active patents before the product hits the market and triggers a lawsuit. As an additional option we can provide a review of expired patents to indicate what relevant technology is in the public domain for your client.

  • Cost: $1350 and up.

Validity Search

A PATEX Validity Search is an effective way to discover prior art patents anticipating a contested patent. Our search areas include international patent records and scientific journals.

Depending on your needs, PATEX will assemble a team of experts in advanced technologies to support litigation efforts. Ron Simmer has a track record of finding knock out prior art for validity situations.

  • Cost: $1530 and up.



Licensing Search

Why not let PATEX help your clients develop new business opportunities?

With a PATEX Licensing Search, help your clients find other businesses to license their technology, or assist them to find new technologies to license and bring to market.

  • Cost: $900 and up.

Patent Family Search

Do your clients need to know who owns competing patents and the patent status? PATEX can generate patent family reports indicating patent status and country coverage for a given invention.

  • Cost: $100 and up.